"Epilobium has definite DHT blocking capabilities and is an excellent aromatase inhibitor. Epilobium improved my nocturnal urination problem in one week. I use epilobium in my practice and am excited about the positive results it is having on my patients."
Uzzi Reiss, MD

"I have received and used the epilobium sample, and I must say it is quite remarkable. Within seven days I have personally gone from three to four night-time urinations down to one or even zero. This is nothing short of phenomenal. I have also started to use epilobium with patients and am seeing similar results."
Daniel Johnson, MD

“We certainly cannot state that Epilobium is a cancer cure but in our personal and professional opinion, within your Epilobium products resides a “biochemical war chest” of molecules with potentially remarkable abilities to aid in anti-aging rejuvenation of cells, prevention of runaway cell growth, and inhibition of abnormal DNA synthesis.” Your products are safe and scientifically sound. Congratulations on a great beginning!"
Ranya Alexander, Ph.D., MD

"I started to take epilobium after learning that it may help in my nightly trips to the bathroom – after one week my trips ceased and after two months of taking the product my girlfriend made mention that she thought my hair was growing back. Indeed, it was. Great product."
Thomas Somers, San Diego, CA

"I have had prostate problems for a very long time! I tried the product and within 24 hours I could tell it was working. I will continue to use the product and look forward to sleepful nights."
Everette Hale, San Marcos, CA CEO Ovation Lifestyles

"I have been taking epilobium for hair-loss for the last 12 months. It eliminated the amount of hair falling out and has maintained a great head of hair."
Steve, El Cajon, CA

"I gave the product to my father who is 83 who was getting up at night many times. The product worked quickly and he is very pleased. Thank you."
Anne, Melbourne, Australia

"It worked! I thought it was just something that I had to live with. I am 31 and I did not expect a prostate problem."
Joe Hernandez, MRM BioCeuticals, San Clemente, CA

"I think the product works great. It stops my hair from falling out. What else could you ask for?"
Gary, Vista, CA

"This s#@$% works. I am 82. It worked within two weeks. I need more."
Calvin Fox, Rancho Mirage, CA

"I gave the product (epilobium) to my father who has been suffering from prostate problems–specifically BPH-for some time, he was using Prosar and saw palmetto which helped, but he had to endure the side effects. When I asked him to try this product he went off of all the medications for three days then started epilobium. It worked within 10 days. He is now able to have an alcoholic drink at night and sleep until morning. This has been life changing for him."
Steve Felderstein, Irvine, CA

"I have had prostate problems for years. I have had radiation and a host of other related medicines and procedures. I used the epilobium product for a month and then returned to my doctor, a urologist. He tested my blood with the usual PSA test and, upon learning of the results, asked me if I was doing anything unusual. I explained to him that I was taking epilobium prescribed by my naturopath. He proceeded to tell me that my PSA level had dropped 25% in one month."
Elliot Giles, New York